Preparations for New Year celebrations in Sharjah, with fireworks


Investment and Development Authority Shorooq along with Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority has prepared to light up the beginning of the new year with fireworks. A dinner set against the backdrop of colorful fireworks will mark the beginning of a happy new year.

Organizations in Sharjah have prepared for the New Year celebrations in such a way that all members of the family can come out together and enjoy the occasion in a safe and friendly environment. Shorooq has organized programs in this regard in central and central regions of Sharjah. In which families can come with happiness and satisfaction.

Al- Majaz Waterfront : Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Al-Majaz Waterfront has organized a spectacular 8-minute fireworks display to usher in the new year. Apart from this, a fly board show will also be organized and a music concert will also be arranged.

On this occasion, restaurants will be active to serve a variety of food for fans and tourists, while cafes will offer their services for hot drinks. It will be a multi-faceted enjoyment prospect. In which thousands of people will participate like previous years.

Al Noor Island : One such beautiful ceremony is being organized on Al Noor Island. The event will continue from 9 pm to midnight on December 31. People will flock to this island for good food and fun activities.

On this island, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a beachside dinner called ‘By the Bay’. There will be a fireworks display to usher in the New Year. Weather permitting, a complimentary ‘Sky Watch Session’ will be organized for guests. A view of the open sky from an island in the open sea.

Coastal edge of Khorfakan: Khorfakan is the edge of the eastern coastal region. It is also a kind of suburban coastline. Fireworks will also be arranged on this to make the New Year celebrations enjoyable.INP