‘Pre-election environment in Azerbaijan characterized by its sufficient democratic nature’


BAKU The pre-election environment in Azerbaijan is characterized by its sufficient democratic nature and the sheer number of candidates is a clear example of this, former MP of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Member of the Security and Foreign Policy Council under the President of Turkey, political scientist Ismail Safi has told secki-2020.az. He hailed the democratic political environment in fraternal Azerbaijan. Commenting on renewal, modernization and development that he witnessed in his every visit to Azerbaijan, Safi said: “The love fordemocracy in Azerbaijani society comes from its historical heritage. The first parliamentary republic was established in Azerbaijan 100 years ago. I believe the results of these parliamentary elections would coincide with the historical legacy I mentioned.” “Public confidence in transparent elections is quite strong. The election processes run its normal course. The candidates independently carry out their election campaigns. They are provided with equal conditions in accordance with the legislation. All these factors give ground to say that the elections would be conducted in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with democratic principles,” he concluded.


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