Prayer leaders asked to spread cleanliness message to contain dengue virus


Staff Reporter

Prayer leaders and heads of mosques were asked to convince people on adopting measures to contain dengue virus and cleanliness awareness in their sermons.
Anti-Dengue and cleanliness awareness activity was carried out in the mosques of Dhoke Mangtal, UC-04 and where the communication teams of Albaryak asked the imams and khateebs of mosques to disseminate the cleanliness message and precautionary measure regarding dengue fever in the Khutbat-e-Juma and in other religious congregations.
They were moreover told that with their co-operation with the company would lead to a “Clean & Green City”.
They were asked that for co-operation purposes to mindful the general public i.e. they ought to put the waste in the waste bags or dump it into the waste holders of company or handover it to sanitary worker.
The help line number 1139 was also highlighted so that, if people are having any queries regarding sanitation and cleanliness in their area, they can register complaints on it or give their suggestions.

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