PPRP’s low-cost housing scheme a blessing for poor


Observer Report

Who does not love his or her houses whether it is a small one or large? But it is a wish of everyone that he should own a house – a shelter which could protect the dwellers from sunlight, cold and rainwater.
No matter if the house is not luxurious, but it should completely fulfill human needs associated with the house. All the houses in villages are made of mud. No one is certain when the weak houses constructed on soft ground will crumble and wash away by rains.
The worth of a house is known by the people who are forced to spend their day and night in the open sky. They weep and pray to Allah Almighty for the resolution of their problems, return of happiness in their lives and a roof to live with respect. They are jubilant when their prayers are answered. Allah Almighty remains their main help, providing them sources and opportunities. Sindh Government’s Peoples’ Poverty Reduction Programme (PPRP) has also proved such a source.
On the one hand, this marvellous programme is becoming a source of reducing poverty by implementing other methods and PPRP’s “Low-Cost Housing Scheme Component” as well as it is proving helpful in fulfilling the biggest desire of the rural families on the other hand.
Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) is performing its duty as implementing partner of the programme. Community Organization (CO), Village Organization (VO) and Local Support Group (LSO) formed under the programme are playing a key role in activating the communities and all activities being performed under the programme.
First of all, rural women included in Community Organization prepare a micro investment plan. According to the plan, amounts received by the women under PPRP’s “Low-Cost Housing Scheme” are used for implementing the planning with regard to construction of houses along with other tasks.
When Marvi Made Her Home…!!
Marvi is a name for courage and resolve, purity of passions and a continuous struggle.
Marvi, a resident of Thatta’s Khamaiso Samo, wanted to study in her childhood. She possessed passion for service of humanity since her childhood. An unfulfilled dream of becoming a doctor was still alive in her innocent eyes. Her parents were poor and they had to reconstruct their cottage washed away by heavy rains. They had neither electricity nor clean drinking water. Availability of gas was out of question. They had to prepare food by burning woods and make arrangements for two-time meal through hectic hard work.
Marvi was married off in so young age when she had to play yet. Now she was caring for her children. Her husband was a labourer. They used to take food when her husband brought a meagre amount, otherwise they had to sleep with an empty stomach.
She was too much worried about her house as each woman has a dream of her own house. Marvi’s house resembled her parents’ – muddy, worn-out and too much weak. It was insufficient for her increasing family. It has only one small room – full of suffocation – where neither moonlight nor rays of clear sunlight could enter. All these things were very painful for Marvi. She did not open her heart to anyone. But she used to pray in her mind without lodging any complaint for the better future and good life of her children as well as for her house.
Marvi being a courageous, determined and strong-willed woman was living with her husband with hard work and dedication. She was a very active part of her village’s Village Organization. She actively participated in welfare tasks and helped the people in their grief. She was fully performing her domestic and social responsibilities.
Lauding courage, dedication, honesty and responsible attitude of Marvi, Village Organization decided to support her. Under the Low-Cost Housing Scheme, SRSO gave her an amount of Rs110,000 for the construction of a house.
She wanted to use this amount for the construction and progress of her house. For this reason, she herself decided to construct her house. She constructed two spacious rooms, a kitchen and a toilet besides allocating some portion of the courtyard to grow vegetables. The most important construction was a toilet so that the family members not defecate in the open and live a health life in a clean environment.
Her husband and children supported her. In a short period, her dream was fulfilled.
Today Marvi is happy in her house and other problems are also reducing gradually. She has also opened a retail shop which is doing a good business. Her husband has also managed to get a job in a dyeing factory.
The lost colours of life returned when her income sources stabilized. Now her children have started going to school, having good food and using good clothes. Her house has all things necessary for life. With the passage of time, things are improving further. Today Marvi is seen thanking the Sindh government and SRSO when she narrates her story to the people.