PPP reposes confidence in coalition allies


Party to attend meeting in Lahore today

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon on Monday said that the Pakistan People’s Party would continue to support the coalition parties, a day after the defeat suffered by the Pakistan Muslim League-N in the Punjab by-polls.

“We will not leave the coalition parties in any difficult circumstances and the PPP will continue to stand by its allies,” the provincial information minister said while talking to media persons after a meeting of the PPP’s Central Executive Committee in Karachi.

He added that the PPP had always chosen the path of struggle and that it had faced similar circumstances in the past. The PPP stalwart also announced that the party will ensure its presence in the crucial huddle scheduled in Lahore Tuesday to discuss the outcome of the Punjab by-elections.

According to the minister, the incumbent parliament will complete its term and take decisions on matters such as electoral reforms and constitutional amendments.

“The participants of the meeting also demanded Imran Khan to apologise to the Election Commission of Pakistan for his attempts to make the authority controversial.”

The fact is that the ECP remained impartial during the process of the by-elections in Punjab, he added. “Imran Khan should also apologise to the nation and to Mr X and Y for his stance all along that they wouldn’t let him win the by-polls.”

“This man has been constantly lying to the nation and misguiding them about state institutions,” Memon said.


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