PPP organises rally from Bilawal Chowrangi to Star Gate


People’s Party Karachi organized a rally from Bilawal Chowrangi to Star Gate in connection with preparations for local body elections on Sunday.

The rally was led by PPP Sindh President Nisar Khoro and Karachi President, Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani. The rally was started from Bilawal Chowrangi and ended at Star Gate through its designated routes. Tight security arrangements were made on the occasion. A large number of PPP workers participated in the rally.The enthusiasm of the participants was palpable. The participants were carrying party flags and all the way they were chanting Zinda Hai Bhutto Zinda Hai, Prime Minister Bilawal, Ya Allah Ya Rasool Benazir Ba Kasur. Flower petals were also showered on the participants of the rally from all pedestrian bridges on Faisal Highway.

Addressing the participants at the end of the rally, provincial minister Saeed Ghani said that Tehreek-e-Insaf has finished from Karachi, the mayor of the city will be of the People’s Party. MQM can start election campaign whenever it wants. There is no ban on political activities in Karachi, we are contesting elections before MQM.

Saeed Ghani further said that whenever the People’s Party got an opportunity, we have served this city and the people without discrimination color and caste and we will continue to do so.Development work worth billions of rupees in Karachi during the last few years is proof of our love for this city and its people.

Saeed Ghani added that in the local elections on January 15, God willing, the mayor and deputy mayor of Karachi will be ours and the incoming general election, the members of Pakistan People’s Party will be successful in the provincial and national assembly.

Sindh President Nisar Khoro said that on January 15, arrows will rain in every constituency of Karachi. People’s Party is the only party whose candidates are contesting elections from every constituency after January 15.Nisar Khoro further said that our candidates and workers laid down their lives for the peace and development of this city but did not kneel before the oppressor and oppressor. We have laid down very clear development programs for the development of the city, which our candidates will successfully implement.

During his address, PPP Sindh General Secretary and Senator Waqar Mehdi said that we are doing development work and public service in Karachi – we have ended the politics of all the so-called contractors in the city. Our Chairman and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, instead of getting agitated over the martyrdom of Ms. Benazir Bhutto, gave the historic slogan “Democracy is the best revenge” – we strongly believe in this philosophy –

On January 15, the people will vote for the candidates of the People’s Party for the splendor of their city Karachi and the prosperity of their future generations, and take revenge on those who made the city a mess and showed green gardens.

Besides Javed Naguri, Shahida Rahmani, Asif Khan, Liaqat Askani, Salman Murad, Khalil Huth Sardar Nazakat, a large number of party officials and workers were present in the rally.