PPP, MQM don’t truly represent Sindhis, Muhajirs, says Kamal


Asif Shaikh People’s Party and MQM have no interest in Sindhis and Muhajirs, we don’t recognize them as parties representing Sindhi or Muhajir populations, Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party Mustafa Kamal has said in a statement. “We demand water supply and removal of garbage from Karachi, the MQM says we will do it after dividing Sindh into pieces,” Mustafa Kamal said. “They are claiming to dismember Sindh but could not even separate a street of Karachi,” PSP leader said. This slogan only benefited the People’s Party, ” We have exposed both of these parties and buried prejudice in Karachi,” Kamal further said. “Today, MQM’s London Secretariat has been sealed, those who were crying hoarse over shutdown of the nine-zero should now tell who has closed the London Secretariat (of the party),” he asked. Mustafa Kamal while commenting on recent peace agreement between the United States and Afghan Taliban said, Pakistan have considerable influence in the matter. He urged the government to demand for return of Dr Aafia Siddiqui to Pakistan, from the US.

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