PPP leads second phase of LG elections in 16 districts


Pakistan People’s Party leads the second phase of the local government elections in 16 districts of Sindh province.

According to the initial unofficial results seen so far, out of 246 Union Councils in Karachi, PPP has won 87, Jamaat e Islami 27, and PTI succeeded to win 13 UCs, an independent candidate has also been declared successful in one UC as a number of results were still awaited, a private news channel reported.

As per the unofficial results, the PPP has triumphed over 787 UCs in the Hyderabad division in the local bodies elections, PTI won 59 and Jamaat e Islami succeeded to get 13 and the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) managed to secure 11 seats, whereas, 63 independents candidates also succeeded.