PPP leader slams Imran, calls him coward


PPP Sindh Spokesperson Senator Ajiz Dhamrah while reacting to Imran Khan’s statement has said that the so-called revolutionary leader says that at that time I could not speak against General retired Bajwa because of the fear of Article 06. Will so-called revolutionary cowards and cowardly leaders like Imran Niazi bring revolution in the country who is themselves afraid? His workers are sorry for him even today.

He said that PTI workers need to take notice against Imran Niazi feeling ashamed of their leader’s condition. The leadership of the PPP launched the Zia Dead Movement in the presence of a dictator like General Zia. Due to which the workers and leadership of PPP were flogged and hanged. At that time, the workers and leadership of PPP took 77 thousand lashes. Endured hardships of exile and imprisonment. Bhutto’s cemetery was settled in Ghari Khuda Bakhsh.

Dharma added that Imran Niazi, what does a coward like you know that the job of revolutionary leaders is to stick to their position from boldness. Imran Niazi yesterday you proved yourself that you are a coward, and a liar and no coward can become the leader of a zealous and jealous nation like Pakistan.