PPP has established civilian dictatorship in Sindh: Haleem



The Central Vice President Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf and Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, said Monday that PPP has established civilian dictatorship in Sindh by trampling democratic norms, values and traditions.

In a statement, Haleem said that voice of the opposition was being suppressed on the floor of the assembly and unilateral actions were being taken against the democratic norms. He said that self-acclaimed proponents of democracy were violating sanctity of the Assembly to achieve their personal goals.

For the last several months even the opposition leader has not been given the floor while voice of the people was being suppressed by constantly ignoring resolutions, adjournment motions and other parliamentary business tabled by the opposition, Haleem Adil maintained.

On the one hand, the PPP favours the demand that chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee in the National Assembly should be given to the opposition, he said adding that, while on the other hand, PPP not only declined PAC chairmanship to opposition in Sindh in violation of their own insistence, but also not taken a single opposition member in the Public Accounts Committee which tantamount to efforts aimed at covering up their misdeeds.

Haleem noted that in the democratic system, all parliamentary parties were granted proportional representation in standing committees, but in Sindh these traditions have also been put aside and opposition has been deprived of membership in the Sindh Assembly Standing Committees. He said that PPP was running the assembly in an authoritarian manner and was making vicious attempts to suppress the voice of the opposition which is strongly condemnable.

Haleem said opposition had submitted a requisition to convene a meeting to discuss the important issues being faced by the people of Sindh, but our requisition was put aside and the session was convened on their specific agenda. PTI and other opposition parties wanted to raise issue of brutal assassination of Nazim Jokhio and Fehmida Sial through an adjournment motion but government benches bulldozed the proceedings, Haleem said.

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