Power price up by Rs2.5 per unit

Staff Reporter

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has approved the increased of per unit price of electricity by Rs2.5 for the month of September.

Last week, the Central Power Purchasing Power Agency had requested the regulatory authority to increase the per unit price by Rs2.65. In September, 13 billion units of electricity were produced at a cost of Rs104 billion, the Central Power Purchasing Power Agency said.

According to the CPPA, per unit cost of non-hydel power generation for the month were: Diesel – Rs21.74 per unit, Furnace Oil – Rs19.23 per unit and LNG – Rs14.91 per unit. Electricity was imported from Iran at a cost of Rs13.11/unit. The line losses are calculated at 20 paisa per unit.

When Nepra inquired on Wednesday about the reasons for the increase in production cost, the National Power Construction Power authorities said that during the month, electricity demand increased by 7%.

Due to decrease in gas supply, the electricity was produced using furnace oil which resulted in increased cost, they added. Following the hearing, the Nepra approved the increase of Rs2.5 per unit.

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