Power outages

Faiz Mohammad
Via Email

Unceasing power outages continue to horror the people in the country; largely, the low recovery areas are the worst affected of low power supply. However, the country is producing around 12,900MW of electricity against a demand of 19,750MW of electricity. In order to decrease the shortfall Bhikki power plant added 300MW of electricity, but the shortfall is still around 7,000MW.
It is worthy to point out that it has been predicted that 16,000MW of electricity is to be added under CPEC project; unfortunately suffering from load-shedding enhanced in this unbearable hot temperature which might cause the loss of human lives like last year or more than that.
Moreover, heat wave and load-shedding are disrupting the normal life of the citizens. Additionally, school children are also suffering from this torment which may affect their bright and. It is my plea to the government and authorities concerned to take concrete measures in order to decrease power outages in the country and protect the residents from the stress.

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