Power breakdown exposed PTI govt’s tall claims: Nasir Shah


Sindh Minister for Local Government and Information Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that all the press conferences held by the Federal Ministers and PTI spokespersons on the failure of power system in the country were based on complete lies. This was stated by the provincial minister in a statement issued from his office. Talking about the economy, Nasir Shah said that with the economy, Imran Sarkar did what Modi is doing with Muslims and farmers of India. “Today, shopkeepers in Pakistan, from hawkers to malls, are forced to starve because the purchasing power of the people is at an all-time low.” He further said that Imran government is advising hungry people to eat pizza, if they want to fulfil their appetite. The current government has eaten the economy like termites. Commenting on the statement of the federal minister daily press briefings, the minister said that the PTI minister are having competition to lie on TV from 9 am to 5 pm. The more a minister lies, the better performance grace he gets in PM’s book. Nasir Shah questioned when the Federal Ministers will hold a press conference on the PTI foreign funding case. Because in this case, PTI has run away since very first day, claimed Nasir Shah. He further added that the PTI ministers have been under oath that all they have to do is not to speak the truth in front of the people, even in the parliament. These people are not at all ashamed of making false claims. The minister said that the federal minister also resorted to lies on the power crisis because only lies can support this incompetent government.

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