Power breakdown CPEC power plants stay unhurt, resume full load supply


Observer Report


In face of Pakistan’s intense and long-hour power breakdown, CPEC power plants stayed completely protected without developing any fault setting a precedent of quick and reliable resumption of operation.
According to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Tuesday, they have stepped into re-startup process and are gearing up to resume full load supply to the entire Pakistan.
Equipped with enhanced reliability system and latest automatic protection technologies, CPEC Power plants are in position to restore its seamless functionality allowing their power mechanism to get reconnected with National Grid System in order to pull 220 million people out of darkness.
It merits mentioning that owing to China-based advanced technology that meets international standards, CPEC power plants have not developed a single fault in spite of sudden interruption of supercritical pressure and high temperature.
The report added, a trip was witnessed at 11:41 pm on January 9, at the Guddu thermal power plant. The next moment frequency which remains normally at 49.5 Hertz fell to zero. Under cascade, one after another, power plant safety systems began to shut themselves down.
This led to series of shutdown in other power plants including CPEC coal-powered and renewable energy power plants.
Benefiting from modern safety & security system that switches off quickly the entire power plant once encounters any malfunctioning transmitted by other linking power plants, CPEC power plants resume full load supply very quickly.
In an exclusive interview, Mr Xiao Xin, DCEO of Port Qasim Coal-Fired Power Plant said that the power system breakdown caused a shutdown of all power plants, however CPEC power plants like Port Qasim, Sahiwal, CPHGC had taken real-time response by using the latest automatic protection technologies.

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