Potzel expects further ‘Fragmentation’ if needs of Afghans not met


Speaking to the UN Security Council session on the Afghanistan situation, the deputy head of UNAMA, Markus Potzel, said that if the Islamic Emirate does not respond to the needs of all elements of Afghan society and constructively engage within the very limited window of opportunity with the international community, “it is unclear what would come next.”

According to Potzel, “further fragmentation, isolation, poverty, and internal conflict are among the likely scenarios, leading to potential mass migration and a domestic environment conducive to terrorist organizations, as well as greater misery for the Afghan population.”

The Chargé d’Affaires of Afghanistan Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Naseer Ahmad Faiq, said that he hopes that countries continue their support to the humanitarian response plan for Afghanistan.

“A sustainable long-term approach will involve taking concrete steps including resumption of development assistance based on national economic and development programs which must be implemented by an accountable, legitimate and inclusive government,” he said.

Norway’s UN Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the Security Council called on the UN and the international community to support the people of Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate has yet to offer any comment, however, earlier it expressed its commitment to improve the living conditions of the people in Afghanistan.