Postal life insurance, not Railways offering compensation to Tezgam inferno affectees


Irfan Aligi


Families of the fateful of Tezgam Train inferno would not get paid by the Federal Ministry of Railways or any side of the federal or provincial government. Instead, an Insurance company would settle all claims and would distribute Rs.1.5 to the families of those who were burnt alive in the Tezgam inferno, Rs.500, 000 to those who sustained burn injuries and Rs.300, 000 to those who were less affected in inferno but were injured.
According to details, Federal Minister Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed had announced to pay sums of compensation which details are mentioned above but the fact is that Pakistan Railways and Postal Life Insurance are in agreement with each other to meet the compensatory needs as and when it would take place and after the Tezgam Inferno, the Postal Life Insurance Company has stepped forward for releasing the insured money in form of compensation.

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