Positive societal, behavioral change vital to eliminate violence against women’



A positive societal and behavioral change is imperative to eliminate the violence against women and in this connection we must follow golden principals of Islam instead of issuing cosmetic statements.
In his message on ‘’Elimination of Sexual violence against Women Day”, Rana Muhammad Sikandar Azam Khan President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) said that despite of an ideological Islamic country, we are not fully following the message of Islam in its true spirit regarding women.
“Women are regarded as second rate citizens and hence demographically being half of our population, they are unable to play their productive role in the economic uplift of Pakistan”, he added.
President FCCI emphasized the need to create Islamic culture and promote our supreme religious values to save women from violence.
He said that every one of us must pay due respect to the women so that they could feel themselves safe and secure and contribute their role in the overall development of Pakistan.
Rana Sikandar also stressed the need to make conscious efforts at all levels in this respect. He said that Islam has introduced best laws for an equitable and free from prejudice society.
He said that western countries should also follow these rules as recent corona lockdown has exposed their so called civilized values of law abiding and free from gender discrimination societies.—INP

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