Porsche is returning to the world of Formula 1 after acquiring 50% of the shares in Red Bull Technology, which manufactures the Red Bull F1 team’s chassis.

The deal will also include Red Bull’s junior team Alpha Tauri, confirming Porsche’s return to the sport after three decades.

Volkswagen, the parent company, made no secret of its desire to enter F1 in 2026 when the new engine regulations kick in.

The conjecture was proven true in a document published by Morocco’s Conseil de la Concurrence.

Porsche was expected to partner with Red Bull from the start and the deal was originally expected to be announced during the weekend of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Their plans were interrupted due to delays in F1 approving engine regulations that will come into effect in 2026. A vote on them is now imminent, meaning the regulations could be signed off in early August, which would facilitate formal confirmation of Porsche’s entry.

The document from the Conseil de la Concurrence has been published because the proposed merger must be approved by international authorities, including countries outside of the European Union, in line with anti-competition laws.

According to the same document, as part of the deal, Red Bull and Porsche will develop and manufacture their own power unit for Red Bull Technology. However, Porsche’s technical role in the engine program would be limited.

Audi, the other brand in the Volkswagen stable hoping to enter F1, is eyeing the Sauber F1 team as it builds towards majority ownership by 2026.

Red Bull currently leads both the drivers and constructors championships in F1.

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