Polygamous man killed by his first two wives in Southwestern Afghanistan



A polygamous man who had three wives was reportedly murdered by two of them in the southwest Afghan province of Nimruz, according to the state-run news agency of the Taliban.

Local Taliban officials were cited by the Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency, which said that this man had three wives and was murdered by his first and second wives.

According to the Taliban local officials, the women were aided in carrying out the murder by their brothers.

Nothing concerning the motive for the murder or how it was carried out was mentioned in Bakhtar’s report.

The victim’s neighbors, however, reported to the police that the victim’s first and second wives were not happy with the man’s third marriage.

Nevertheless, the wives and the accomplices were reportedly arrested in connection with the murder of this man.

A case of family violence occurred last week in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, resulting in the deaths of one man and the injuries of three others, two women and a man.

According to the authorities, the man killed one man and injured three others after reportedly attacking his ex-wife.

There have been more instances of family problems and domestic violence escalating into violence and murders nowadays.—Khaama News Press Agency


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