Sundus Fatima

I would like to draw attention of concerned authorities towards increasing problems of pollution. Pollution is the result of reckless sciences and violent technology. The massive use of pesticides and herbicides is poisoning the ecosystem of earth. Industrial wastes and automotive emission represents a major and perhaps lasting hazard to life. People also pollute their surrounding in different ways, for example, they ruin the natural beauty of land by spreading garbage in the natural beauty of land and in water.
The motor vehicles and factories fill the air with poisonous gases. Pakistan has high rate of population growth. The increase in population results in more and more industrialization. Factories give out smoke, and chemical poisons are also wasted in water that causes various diseases related to digestive system. It is very easy for every single person to help stop pollution. It takes little efforts that make a huge difference.
Those vehicles should not be allowed to move on the road that spread harmful smokes. Government should play its role to reduce pollution and make the environment life friendly. Students can also play their role to eradicate pollution by taking part in different activities like planting more trees and clean their surroundings. A small change in your life can have a massive impact.
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