Pollution-related illness major cause of deaths in Kabul


The harmful effects of air pollution are threatening the lives of Kabul residents as winter approaches, Afghan health officials said.

On Wednesday the Kabul municipality in cooperation with an organization backed by the European Union held a gathering in Kabul to address the damage of air pollution.

“26 percent of the deaths in the country originated from air pollution,” said Ghulam Hassan Ghulami, head of the Kabul environment protection department.

According to Ghulami, of 2,500 large buildings in Kabul, only 289 are installed with filters to control air pollution. The new director for the national environment protection agency has yet to be appointed.

“We have a project of 90 million Afs to work on public awareness, health, and modifying construction in the municipality of Kabul,” said Khushal Bashar Dost, head of the organization backed by the European Union.

The Kabul municipality called on the people to play their role in the protection of environment.

“The protection of the environment is one the Islamic and cultural obligations of a Muslim,” said Ahmadullah Momand, deputy of Kabul municipality.

This comes as the Islamic Emirate said that the director of the national environment protection agency would be appointed soon. “We will take serious steps to (appoint) a head of the national environment protection agency so the agency can provide good service,” he said.

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