Politics of money failed in NA-133: Khawar


Spokesperson Government of the Punjab Hasaan Khawar has said that the politics of money remained a failure in NA-133 election.

Attempts were made to purchase the vote in two thousand each and those who were given money did not come out for casting their votes.

The post-mortem of this election has already been done in NA-133. He said that the public has badly rejected the masterminds of Rigging Mafia.

This reflects how much such elements are hated by the people. Now PML-N and the PPP are fully aware that their old tactics of rigging would no longer work.

Hasaan Khawar said that the next elections will be a trial of election reforms. He termed the turnout of NA-133 by-election a real result because the voters by remaining in their homes cleared the situation.

These views were expressed by SACM while addressing the annual convocation of a private university, here today.

Hasaan Khawar further stated that the Sialkot incident not only gave us a lesson of self-accountability but also reminded us of our responsibilities towards respect for the law, writ of the state and justice system.

He said that having difference of opinion is the right of others but to cross the limit in the wake of difference or disagreement is not appropriate.

We will be called second grade citizens if we become slaves to narrow mindedness. Hasaan Khawar said that the rising trend of intolerance is damaging the society.

Educational institutions are centers of peace and they should play their role by arranging debates among the youth.

He congratulated Adeela Nosheed, Sadaf Nazeer and other students who received medals at the convocation and welcomed them in the next phase of life and expressed the hope that the skills acquired from here would help them in practical life.

He also stressed on the need for vocational and technical training of the youth. Talking about the by-election of NA-133, Hasaan Khawar also said that even after today’s election situation, if the PDM wants to fulfil its passion, it should do so as not many people will come out to join them in their protests.

He said that despite the distribution of crores of rupees, both the parties neither get respected nor voted by Lahorites.

Public has expressed their confidence in Imran Khan and his government and they do not want a change in the current system.

On this occasion, he also congratulated the Punjab government on the peaceful conduct of by-elections

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