Political vision can help defuse crisis | By Dr Muhammad Khan


Political vision can help defuse crisis

THE political polarization in Pakistan has clearly divided the society on socio-political grounds.

Unlike past practices, this political divide is getting unreceptive, fierce and antagonistic with each passing day.

The PTI leadership and its workers are not ready to accept any other political force (s), considering the incumbent Government as an outcome of the conspiracy against them.

The anti-American narrative, PTI leadership had devised before no-confidence move has obscure the bad governance, inefficiency and non-deliverance of the PTI Government in its over three and half year’s rule.

This political party is aggressively following a policy to incapacitate the Shahbaz Sharif government through direct and indirect strategies while directly targeting the national institutions.

The political statements of the party leadership and gatherings (jalsas) of PTI are further charging the people against the incumbent government and all other political parties and political forces, which ruled the state in the past.

But, the dangerous part of this political agitation of PTI is not against the foreign conspiracy, the other political parties but against the institution of security; the military establishment.

In past few days, there have been clear statements from the top PTI leadership implicating the establishment over regime change and favouritism of PML (N) led coalition government.

Besides, there has been chanting of slogans by the PTI workers against the military leadership which has never been witnessed in the history of Pakistan.

A careful analysis of this political polarization and confrontation indicates that, the entire movement is aimed to target the military and its leadership.

This is a very dangerous trend, and indeed gave a new format to the Pakistani politics.

The PTI leadership had all its praises for the military establishment, once they had the power but, changed all-together once out of power.

The other political parties have somewhat followed the same format for their political gains in the recent past.

However, there are clear trends of aggressive posture in the statements and actions of PTI leadership.

The Tiger force of this political outfit and over-charged youth is horrifying the people and even the law enforcement agencies through their aggressive gestures.

The political crises and campaign against institutions of security is increasing with each passing day, further polarizing the society and creating chaos in the country.

This uncertainty and chaotic situation is badly impacting the economy, which otherwise is on ventilator since last three years.

Visualizing the looming crises, there are analysts who draw parallels between Pakistan and what happened in Sri Lanka and may be Iran and some Arab countries.

After all, domestic instability and economic down-fall have caused the civil wars and crises situation in abovementioned countries.

Nevertheless, unlike these countries, Pakistan will be severely affected if looming crises situation is not controlled.

In fact, the social make-up of Pakistan, Iran, and Sri Lanka are is very different. Iran is a nation with a history of unity, revival and ability to come-back and so is the Sri Lanka.

Pakistan is a society with multiple fault-lines which can trigger chain reaction at any time through the statements of popular political figure (s).

Whereas, the rival powers and international forces are always at look-out to exploit the situation for their strategic gains, nonetheless, they cannot be blamed for the emerging political polarization and confrontationist approach, having a domestic make-up.

After all, an endless lust for power by various political forces and few individuals has brought the crises to the level of political confrontation and socio-political divide in the country.

These few are indeed, providing grounds to external forces to intrude into and exploit the situation for their political and strategic gains.

Therefore, the responsibility to cause the crises and escalating them to the point of no return lies somewhere within, hence its remedy cannot be searched externally.

Indeed, you cannot blame others for your own mistakes. From the gestures of various stakeholders, it appears that, no one is ready to accept the responsibility of looming socio-political crises in the country.

Rather, everyone is looking for the victory while blaming the opponents. Such a pessimistic approach would lead us to an unimaginable national loss, since this all is happening at a time once Pakistan is at the verge of economic collapse and socio-political confrontation.

The prudence demands that, the emerging crises must be taken very seriously, before it is too late.

As a way forward, all stakeholders must cease to issue provocating and conflicting statements against each, giving way to sanity, reverence and prudence.

All stakeholders must understand that, their rules and powers are directly related to the state and society of Pakistan.

God forbid, if something goes wrong with Pakistan as a result of their confrontation and profligacy, would they still matter?

Therefore, let’s respect the state of Pakistan, as a noble gift of Allah Almighty. Respecting Pakistan would necessitate and obligate everyone to follow its Constitution in letter and spirit.

At this critical and crisis time of Pakistan, the civil society, intelligentsia and intellectual community of Pakistan must prevail over the conflicting forces.

They must be made to realize that, Pakistan and its 220 masses are more important than the personal egos and political notions of few.

Therefore, let’s adopt a visionary approach to avert the political crises in the country and create a situation for political stability and economic revive-ability of Pakistan.

— The writer is Professor of Politics and IR at International Islamic University, Islamabad.


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