Political turmoil

According to the latest news emanating from Quetta the provincial government is in deep trouble. The political turmoil has gripped the entire Balochistan. Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri is fighting for his political life. Two PML-N Ministers have resigned making it worse.
Three political coalition parties have presented the no-confidence motion against the CM. It seems that the no-confidence move will be carried with majority. Mahmood Achakzai is naturally supporting the government. His brother is the governor of Balochistan. He said Pak Afghan relations should be strengthened despite Trump’s threats and insinuating tweets. All is well that ends well. After Abdul Malick, Sanaullah Zehri took over the helms of affair in Balochistan. Insurgents have destroyed peace there. We all must join hands to get out of the mess.

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