Policy makers have separate understanding of urban, rural Balochistan: Sana Durrani


Vice Chairperson of Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) Balochistan Chapter, Sana Durrani has said the bright future of Pakistan is associated with Balochistan.

Talking to newsmen on Wednesday, she said that proper utilization of its natural and mineral resources would be helpful in overcoming province’s economic backwardness which would then stabilize Pakistan’s economy and promote efficient economic and trade activities throughout the region.

Sana Durrani said it is important for the policy makers to have a separate understanding of the problems and difficulties faced by the people of urban and rural areas of Balochistan. She said Kachhi Canal Project in Balochistan is going to unleash a “Green Revolution” by irrigating 713,000 acres of barren land in most areas of the province.

The project is carried out in the same vein as CPEC, which pays special attention to agricultural development and people’s livelihood.

Balochistan had no canal system for irrigation. After the completion of Kachhi Canal, the cropping intensity of sorghum, oilseeds, pulses and wheat will be increased up to 88.5 percent approximately with Rs19.66 billion (Rs3.82 billion for phase-I) added to the national economy annually.

The project would create hundreds of thousands of jobs as well. Areas including Dera Bugti, Naseerabad, Kachhi (Bolan) and Jhal Magsi will benefit. Apart from irrigating barren lands, it would also mitigate drinking water stress for about two million people.—NNI

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