Policewoman punished on refusing baby sitting for DPO’s children


The Chakwal dis trict police officer is accused of punishing a policewoman by posting to Kallar Kahar police station on 24-hour duty for refusing to babysit for his children.

As per report, the IGP visited Kalar Kahar police station on the way back to Lahore from Islamabad late Tuesday. Surprised by seeing a woman at night, the police chief asked if she was a help-seeker.

“No, I am a cop,” the policewoman replied. What are you doing here at the moment,” he asked. She replied: “Sir, I’m being punished with doing 24-hour duty as I refused to babysitting for the DPO.”

The SHO Kallar Kahar too admitted the lady constable was assigned the duty on the order of DPO.

The IGP issued directives to hold an inquiry under RPO Rao Sardar Ali. The women cop has been transferred to Chakwal Khidmat Markaz.—INP

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