Police transport TikToker to home in armoured vehicle



Amraiz Khan

The police had to arrange an armoured vehicle to escort Ayesha Akram Beg, the TikToker who had gone to the Camp Jail on Wednesday to identify the suspects arrested in connection with her ‘molestation’ at Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day (August 14), to her home after relatives of those taken into custody blocked the road outside the jail, demanding release of their dear ones.

The TikToker had been molested by a mob of around 400 persons, mostly youth. The incident had infuriated the people not only within the country but had also made headlines in newspapers the world over.

The road blockade prompted the police to use force to disperse the charged protesters. And when the latter put up resistance, the police took two of them into custody.
Meanwhile, a female protester fainted outside the jail’s gate.

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