Police to launch ‘Raabta’ programme to address public issues

Staff Reporter

The police have decided to start a Community Engagement Program (Raabta) to enhance liaison with people from various walks of life and effectively resolve their issues after approaching them.

Following the directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman, the police said that a comprehensive program had been chalked out to approach public, understand their issues related to police and resolve them on immediate basis.

As per plan, all police officials would conduct meetings with general public, religious scholars, traders, minority members, administrators of Masajid while interactions would be made with students of educational institutions, seminaries and members of Public Conciliatory Committees (PCCs). The feedback on police related matters would be noted and issues would be resolved through mutual cooperation, the police said.
Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations), Zonal Superintendent of Police, Sub-Divisional Police Officers would regularly conduct these meetings while media and representatives of Bar Associations would be also engaged by these police officials.
Police officials would visit mosques at prayers timings especially of Friday prayers for productive and useful interactions with people.

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