Police to launch crackdown against kite sellers, flyers

Staff Reporter

Islamabad police have decided to launch crackdown on kite flyers and sellers and to check this practice through monitoring in various areas.

Following directions from Inspector General of Police Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman, DIG (Operations) Afzaal Ahmed Kausar has directed to ensure crackdown against kite flyers and sellers in the district.

Police vehicles, carrying ladders to climb on rooftops, would remain on patrol in different areas and the district administration has also banned to sell kite flying items as it puts on risk the lives of others. The metal or glass-coated string creates issues for motorcyclists or in electricity supply after striking with poles. Kite flyers may also fell down from the roofs putting their lives on risk.

Special squads would be formed to implement the ban and police would start regular patrols while making announcements on megaphones. Owners of all buildings where kite flying is being carried out will be arrested because deaths and injuries cause as a consequence of kite flying occur every year, chasing fallen kites results in road accidents.
DIG (Operations0 Afzaal Ahmed Kausar also appealed parents not to allow children to buy or fly kites because it is dangerous. He also sought cooperation of citizens to make lives of all secure and safe.

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