Police produce ‘missing’ person before court


The Islamabad police on Wednesday recovered Haseeb Hamza, a 27-year-old farmer who had reportedly gone “missing” in August, and presented him before the Islamabad High Court.

The development comes a day after IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah, while hearing a petition for Hamza’s recovery, instructed the police to present him before the court by 10am Wednesday.

“If that doesn’t happen, then we will call each and every [officer] and take action against them,” he had said, adding that the Military Intelligence, Inter-Services Intelligence, Intelligence Bureau all would be made to appear before the court to give an explanation for the “state’s failure”.

An hour before the IHC deadline was set to expire, Islamabad Inspector-General of Police Dr Akbar Nasir Khan appeared in the court along with Hamza.

During the hearing, Justice Minallah asked Haseeb where he had been, to which he replied that he was blindfolded at the time he was taken and had no knowledge of where he was.

The chief justice then asked police personnel about the inquiry the IG had conducted. The police replied that they were investigating the delay in registering the

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