Police officer shoots dead neighbour on rubbish issue



A police official shot dead his neighbour over a petty issue of throwing garbage in Karachi’s Lines Area near AB Sinya Line on Sunday.

According to police, one of its officials named Imran indulged in a quarrel with his neighbour over a trivial matter of throwing rubbish. The police official flew into rage during the argument and took out his revolver, shooting the man dead. Cop Imran was appointed at Mehmood Abad police station.

After killing man, the accused police official fled the scene. Police said they were investigating the incident. According to the initial information, accused cop and his brother Wazir had been involved in a wrangle with their neighbours for the last few days.

Police said they quarreled again on the issue of throwing garbage on the day of the incident and the accused cop opened fire on his neighbour killing him on the spot. The deceased was a fruit seller. In another incident, an exchange of fire took place between two parties following a squabble in Juma Goth near Dil Nawaz mosque in Korangi area. As a result, Rehan, s/o Habibullah, died. He was 18-year-old. His body was shifted to Jinnah Hospital.