Police issues security plan for LG elections



Karachi Police, while issuing the security plan for the municipal election today, has said that the Karachi Police along with other law enforcement agencies are taking all possible measures to secure the lives and property of the people. More than 43605 personnel of Karachi Police will perform security duty during the election.

According to the security plan issued by the Karachi Police spokesperson, a total of 17588 officers and employees have been deployed in East Zone, including 6533 personnel in East District, 4837 personnel in Malir District and 6218 personnel in Korangi District.

A total of 11627 officers and employees have been appointed in South Zone, including 2155 personnel in South District, 4558 personnel in City District and 4914 personnel in Kemari District. A total of 14390 officers and employees have been appointed in West Zone, including 9672 personnel in Central District and 4718 personnel in West District.

According to the spokesman, 26050 police officers and officials will perform election duty at 4997 polling stations in the city. 5844 officers and employees at 1048 polling stations in District South, 11206 at 2046 polling stations in District East and 9000 officers and employees at 1903 polling stations in District West will perform election duty.