Police introduce e-health system for its officials


Islamabad police have introduced `Capital police e-health system’ for provision of outstanding health facilities to the personnel of the force and to ensure their fitness by reducing health related risks.

This initiative has been taken following the directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan who has committed to ensure welfare steps for the cops of the force including provision of the health facilities to them. The incumbent chief of Islamabad police has implemented a number of welfare initiatives including the increase in salaries as well as perks and privileges for the personnel. The initiative of improved health facilities for the personnel would boost the morale of the force which would ultimately improve the performance.

This system is being initiated from police lines headquarters Islamabad and a database of all the people living in police lines headquarters will be compiled. This data would also categorize those living legally or illegally in these premises.

A health card system would be introduced for the serving cops while medical tests would be conducted and medicines to be provided through Tele-health system as per international standard.

According to the system, medical tests of police personnel would be mandatory every year and the concerned doctor will suggest the medicines and medical rests for the officials. As per recommendation of the medical staff, the duties would be assigned to the policemen.

IGP Islamabad said that personnel of the force have risks of diseases like heart attack, blood pressure, mental stress due to old age and tough duties and this system will help to improve their health facility and mitigate such risks.He further stated that this system was the need of the hour which would help to ensure timely medical checkup and treatment to the officials.—NNI

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