Police deployed outside residence of Tik Toker Aysha

Staff Reporter

Police arrested 36 more accused in a case of harassment of a girl in Minar Pakistan on Independence Day.

Police started arresting more suspects with the help of NADRA. The police said that 66 people were arrested, out of whom 36 have been identified through the NDARA system.

After identification, the accused have been formally arrested. Investigation is underway against the detained accused. According to sources, the police got Rambo, the close companion of Aysha, medically examined.

After his medical report is received, further provisions may be added to the FIR. Rambo’s statement was also recorded by the CIA police.

In addition, the Sessions Court restrained the police from arresting an accused named Shahrooz Saeed in a case of abuse of a woman at Minar Pakistan till September 3.

It is to be noted that an embarrassing incident took place in Minar Pakistan on Independence Day on August 14 where 400 people insulted Ayesha Akram, tore her clothes, and threw her like ball in the air.

Ayesha was harassed in Greater Iqbal Park. The incident that took place on August 14 in Lahore has raised many questions.

On the other hand, Ayesha Akram is also receiving death threats. Police were deployed outside the house of the victim.

According to the details, the woman is receiving death threats after the unfortunate incident that took place with Ayesha Akram on August 14.

Police were deployed outside her house while Ayesha and her family members were not allowed to meet without prior permission.

Ayesha Akram said that her mother fell ill after receiving threats. According to reports, there are 8 officers headed by Shahdara in-charge of investigation outside Ayesha Akram’s house.

No one should be allowed to meet without the consent of Ayesha’s family.
On the other hand, the accused involved in the incident of sexual harassment of a Tick Toker girl in Greater Iqbal Park were produced in the district court on Saturday.

The accused were produced under tight security. A case was registered against the accused in Lari Ada police station.

The arrested accused were produced for physical remand. Police also medically examined Rambo, the lone witness in the case and Tik Toker Ayesha’s accomplice. Rambo was also tortured along with Tick Toker Ayesha.

Police also recorded Rambo’s statement. Rambo identified five more people allegedly involved in harassing Aysha. The number of people arrested has risen to 40.

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