Police arrest suspect in 8-year-old girl rape case



Steel Town police have arrested a suspect in the rape case of an 8-year-old girl on Saturday. According to police, the rape incident was reported in Steel Town’s Soomar Goth, where a 8-year-old girl was allegedly raped, when she was sleeping at the terrace of her house.

Following the complaint of the father of the alleged rape victim girl, the police arrested five to six persons and later registered a case against a suspect.

The minor girl has been referred to the hospital for a medical report to determine the rape charges.

Read more: School watchman rapes four-year-old boy in Karachi.Last month, Karachi police arrested an 18-year-old boy for allegedly raping a minor girl in Surjani Town’s Saiful Maree Goth.

The rape suspect had been arrested by police officials after the registration of a case against him by the relatives of a minor girl aged 13.Police officials had told the media that the boy and the girl were ‘friends’ and he allegedly subjected the minor, 13, to rape after calling her to meet him.

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