Pointing fingers at institutions shameful, says Firdous

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Punjab CM on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Thursday said that the trio of Maryam Safdar, Bilawal Zardari and Maulana are conspiring to make the chairman Senate election controversial.

She said those pointing fingers at the institutions should be shameful of their act and added that the corrupt cabal that has won a Senate seat through horse-trading should refrain from levelling allegations.

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the institutions are the pride of the nation and the government will not allow disrespecting the institutions.

She reiterated that respect of institutions is binding on all of us.

It is the known modus operandi of Maryam Safdar and her bondmaids to remain involved in cheap political tactics, she said.

The bondmaids should realize that the misdeeds of the PDM will not be forgotten, she added.

The SACM said that this cabal is eyeing Punjab after failure in the Center while Bilawal Zardari has already run away from Punjab after boasting about no confidence.

Dr. Firdous further said the ‘jackals’ in the Centre have proved ‘jackals’ in Punjab as well and every tactic of swindlers will remain futile.

The allies are with the government and CM Usman Buzdar enjoys the trust of the PM Imran Khan, concluded the SACM.

Meanwhile, the SACM said that the program launched by the PTI government from Rawalpindi and Islamabad for providing a free meal to the poorest and needy segments of society is a milestone initiative towards achieving the goals of Riasat-e-Madina.

In a statement, Dr Firdous said that this program will be expanded to other cities and regretted that projects were started in the past for the sake of kickbacks and as a result, these projects have become a burden on the national kitty.

On the other side, the PTI government has introduced pro-poor initiatives to help the needy in their daily life because the welfare of the poor is the real objective of the democratic government.

The Special Assistant said the government has set up almonries and shelter homes for the poor and jails are also available for the corrupt PDM leadership who has to give a justification of their loot and plunder.

She said the PML-N has bankrupted the nation and the poor used to suicide every day in the past.

The PML-N does not like public welfare projects because it only knows loot and plunder, she further said.

The SACM said the focus of the PTI government is to rehabilitate the poor and needy segment of the society who were ignored in the past.

The criticism of the opposition on pro-poor initiatives is deplorable and speaks volumes about their mean mentality, she said.

The PTI government will continue to initiate projects for the welfare of the poor while the opposition will get nothing, concluded the SACM.