POF showcasing all products at SAVDEX


Staff Reporter


POF, a gigantic Defence Production Complex of the country is showcasing all products range in the second SAVDEX (Suppliers and Vendors Defense Exhibition) being held at the expo centre, Lahore.
General Nadeem Raza Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee inaugurated the exhibition. Soon after inauguration the honorable Chairman JCSC visited POF stall along with Mohtarma Zubaida Jalal Federal Minister MODP. Maj. Gen Azhar Naveed Hayat DG Commercial received the distinguished guests and briefed them about range of POF products.
The main purpose of this exhibition is to invite local vendors/ suppliers of defence industries of Pakistan in terms of raw material and others stores and also to develop competition among the suppliers. By this way Defence production industries of Pakistan will be able to get the required store and material of high quality with competitive prices.
POF products range includes Automatic Rifle, Light Medium & Heavy Machine Guns, Anti Air craft weapons, Air Craft Bombs, Shoulder Fire Rockets, Multi Barrel Rockets and Hand Grenades, various Types of Fuzes, Packing Material and Plastics Products. Different types of commercial explosives, Dynamite & Detonators are also included in its products range. All POF production Units and their subsidiaries hold ISO-19001 & 2000, ISO-14001(Health and Environmental stranded), ISO- 17025 and OHSAS-18001(Lab Safety Stranded).
POF’s mandate is to meet the requirement of Armed Forces of Pakistan in terms of Arms and Ammunition and POF is not only meeting the requirement of Armed Forces of Pakistan but also exporting surplus production capacity to more than 40 countries around the globe.
To produce high quality products, POF procure specified machinery, raw material and other stores of high standard like, BSS/ DEF-STAN/DIN/ASTM etc. from the local and international market. In POFs, the stores are acquired under the Public Procurement Regulator Authority (PPRA) rules mostly through open competitive bidding by advertisement in print media, POFs and PPRA websites. Registered suppliers have an advantage over the non-registered suppliers as they have to submit 2% bid money of the quoted price instead of 5%.
Maj. Gen Azhar Naveed Hayat DG Commercial is heading POF team at POF stall in Expo Center Lahore. He remained at POF stall throughout the day and held discussions at length with various delegations. Head of various companies and suppliers alongwith delegation visited POF Stall where POF Officers gave them detailed briefing about the requirement of various stores to POF.