POF showcased new products in IDEAS-2022



POF has showcased new products in IDEAS-2022 being held at Expo Center Karachi. POF has launched 125 Sejjeel Anti-Tank Ammunition, 60 mm & 81 mm Air Drop Bombs, and Fuze PD M739P1. POF has indigenously developed these products with own resources for Pakistan Armed Forces.

125 Sejjeel Anti-Tank Ammunition has been enhanced to penetrate 620 mm. A high-performance new generation of 125mm APFSDS ammunition fully compatible with all Main Battle Tanks of Pakistan Army including Al-Khalid, Al-Khalid-I, VT-4, T80-UD and Al-Zarrar. 60 mm & 81 mm Air Drop Bomb These ADB’s can be deployed with Drones, and can be lethal in upto 70 meter radius. Their Fuze functions on impact with target and have safeties for transportation & handling during flight.

POF is catering defence needs of Pakistan Armed Forces and have been engaged in modernizing and adapting with the modern technological advancements.

During IDEAS POF signed MOU with Armour Technologies, Malaysia. Mr. Usman Ali Bhatti, Director Exports POF and Mr. Meor Syahryl Azlan, Executive director of Armour technologies signed the MOU. Memorandum of Understanding is regarding supply and to develop a complete supply chain eco system for Arms & Ammunition for the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces by POF.


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