PMSA rescues Sri Lankan, Omani seafarers



Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Sri Lanka informed MRCC Pakistan (HQ PMSA) that a Sri Lankan Fishing vessel Amila Sea Food-Tuna-01 is in distress around 560 NM South of Karachi having suffered engine failure.

PMSA responded immediately and despite longer distance sailed its ship promptly and tasked its patrol aircraft to locate them. Concurrently HQs PMSA started coordination with all Merchant vessels passing close to the position of Sri Lankan fishing vessel in distress. Efforts paid dividend when a tanker, MT AL TAIR responded to HQs PMSA’s call. HQ PMSA MRCC directed the Merchant vessel towards the distressed Sri Lankan fishing vessel.

Around 10 PM the tanker reached the position of the fishing vessel and recovered all 05 x personnel. HQ PMSA coordinated the whole operation keeping Sri Lankan authorities informed. The Sri Lankan Govt and owner of the boat Amila Sea Food-Tuna-01 Mr. Fernando highly appreciated the efforts of PMSA.

Only two days earlier, on 19 Jun in a similar SAR operation 02 x Omani Nationals stranded at sea for last 10 days were also rescued by PMSA units and safely brought to Karachi. The survivors were received at HQ PMSA by the Consul General of Oman. The recovery of Omani nationals was highly appreciated by Omani authorities and public at large.

The successful SAR operations are a testimony of PMSA’s commitment to save lives at sea thus bringing a good name to the country and assuring the seafarers of its commitment to ensure safety of sea farers at sea.

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