PM’s speech, awakening jerk globally


Asma Junaid

PM Imran Khan wins heart acting as a Kashmir’s Ambassador in the US. He, indeed, proved himself as true leader of the whole Muslim Ummah by holding meetings with over 70 global leaders and briefing about intense situation in Kashmir. Trump and PM Khan met on the sidelines of U.N. General Assembly where Khan addressed that Kashmir is subject to humanitarian problems with millions under siege. He also cautioned that if Modi wouldn’t lift the blockade, the crisis could get much worse.
All global media, including Washington post, New York Times, BBC, Khan emphasized Indian unending aggression in occupied Kashmir. 50 minutes speech by IK was a package of passion and power where he conveyed a heartfelt message to the world about the image of whole Muslim Ummah which has been deteriorated after 9/11. He intelligibly remarked that there is no such thing as “Radical Islam”. By stating that Islam is not radicalized; we are forcing to be radicalized and he revitalized the true ideology of Islam all across the globe.
During his speech, he unveiled the concealed face of RSS by pronouncing that its political philosophy is created on the ideologies of Hindutva that promotes the supremacy of a Hindu state and cultivates Hindu values. It is not only dangerous for Kashmiris but also detrimental to Indian Muslims, Christians and Dalits. Big thanks to PM Khan for creating a strong case for Kashmir in UNGA. He has cautioned the world that failure of resolving Kashmir issue can result into massive devastation. The whole speech shell was to give right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir. According to PM Khan, Kashmir is a trial for the United Nations to refurbish its credibility by giving rights to the people of disputed region.
On the other side, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has touched spreading threat of terrorism but never mentioned Kashmir directly. PM Khan said that there are 900,000 Indian soldiers in the region policing 8 million Kashmiris. “PM Imran Khan’s diplomatic speech, yet, perturbed ache to Modi” PM Khan, utterly, altered the concept of radicalism gushed out of Kashmir. He has prevailed sense by highlighting that any one being caged in for a long time, would spring out as a radical; hence the responsibility goes to India for making Kashmiris one. The speech verified the coverage of Kashmir issue by lightening up New York’s Time Square with ‘Free Kashmir’ slogans. Consequently, a definite victory of IK, as now for the first time Kashmir issue was given a desirable voice. The biggest protest to be recorded in history of United Nations and people from different breeds including Sikhs, Christians and Muslims has gathered against Indian massacres and chirped anti-Modi slogans. The reaction IK got from the Indian side was quite an expected one. Vidisha Maitra, First Secretory MEA, burst her aggressive response by dumping PM Khan’s words as ‘brinkmanship’ and terrorism supporter rather ‘statesmanship’. And, here, she lacks nothing but the truth. At all times, India has launched lethal campaign against Pakistan but, formerly, our Prime Minister, Imran khan, quick wittedly proved his vocal and bold response to the situation and, indubitably, a reflection how a headman should direct a political issue, like he did for Kashmir.
— The writer is ex-employee of Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and now working as a freelancer) Researcher (Focus on Regional Politics and International Business.

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