PM’s convincing address


WHILST virtually addressing the UN General Assembly session on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan once again delivered a very forceful, compelling and comprehensive speech touching upon a host of important issues including Kashmir dispute, Indian belligerence, Afghan peace process, Islamophobia, Covid-19 and climate change.
As was being anticipated, the Prime Minister very effectively used the occasion to highlight the plight of oppressed people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, calling upon the international community to investigate the grave human rights violations in the occupied territory and prosecute the Indian civil and military personnel involved in state terrorism and serious crimes against humanity being perpetrated with completely impunity there. Indian occupation forces indeed are committing cold blooded murder of innocent Kashmiris in so called search and cordon operations and of late the Indian army itself admitted so. More than, three hundred, mostly young Kashmiris have been extra judicially killed in fake encounters in IIOJK over last one year while figure of detained people run into thousands. Since Pakistan is party to Kashmir dispute, we should file a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court under the Rome Statute against Modi and his associates for committing crimes against humanity and genocide in IIOJK. Instead of looking at others, it is for us to practically stand by the oppressed Kashmiri people. At the same time, we must continue rather accelerate our efforts to further expose Modi government’s brutalities against innocent Kashmiris as well as minorities in India. As stated by the PM, the United Nations also has a responsibility towards Kashmiris and it must protect them against Indian genocide. It must move towards implementation of its resolutions on the dispute. Important capitals must force New Delhi to shun the course of belligerence towards Pakistan and move towards the resolution of Kashmir dispute for lasting peace and stability in the region. Alluding to the incidents of Islamophobia in different countries, the Prime Minister in his address also called upon the world body to declare an International Day to Combat Islamophobia and build a coalition to fight this scourge- the one that splits humanity. Of late, a surge has been seen in Islamophobic incidents especially in the European countries and India, which pose a grave threat for the international peace and stability. Apart from observing international day, it has become imperative to pass an international legislation criminalizing the acts of desecration of holy Quran and holy personalities of Islam. For this the Muslim Ummah will have to come together and collectively raise voice for such a piece of legislation.

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