PML-N govt considering suspending Nawaz Sharif’s sentence: Rana


Federal Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah said that the government is considering suspending the sentence of three-time prime minister and Pakistan Musliam League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif. Sanaullah in an interview by a private Tv channel aired on Sunday said that the government has the powers to commute, reduce or suspend anyone’s sentence.

If an innocent has wrongly been convicted, there is way that the sentence is suspended and they are given a chance to approach the court in a proper way, he added. The minister said Nawaz Sharif should lead the next election campaign, said Sanaullah. Maryam will lead the mass mobilization drive. Presiding officer should administer oath to PM, CM

On the constitutional crisis that emerged in Punjab over the oath of new chief minister, the government is considering making necessary changes to the law. It got further complicated after the resignation of Usman Buzdar was rejected by the Governor of Punjab Omar Sarfaraz Cheema and yet Hamza Shahbaz was sworn in as news chief minister, several contradictory viewpoints emerged on Saturday on the apparent ‘constitutional crisis’ in the province.

This age old thing that even after you are elected, the oath will be administered in the Governor House where the ‘Lord Sb’ is sitting are a sign of slavery and should be abolished, said Sanaullah. The way this law has been exploited, we should amend the law as soon as possible, he said.

To a question if he suspects the involvement of foreign hand in Karachi University suicide blast, Sanaullah replied, “Definitely.” Some of our neighbours especially one of them have been trying to destabilize the peace in Pakistan, the minister.

The law enforcing agencies are very close to digging out the group involved in the incident, he said. It is very unfortunate that an entire family, an educated and well-off family, was involved in the attack, he said adding that it negates the perception that people get involved in such things because of poverty or illiteracy. Four people including three Chinese nationals were killed and three others injured in an suicide blast carried out by a female bomber inside the University of Karachi last week.