PML-N always pursued a policy of principles: Minister


Provincial Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan has said that PTI is targeting state institutions for not getting by in the by-elections. One person is attacking the state and state institutions just for the sake of his personal satisfaction. PTI has become a threat to national security. There is serious thought of taking legal action against some PTI leaders for spreading propaganda against state institutions and the judiciary.

He said all while addressing a press conference held at CM office. Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan said that PML-N has always pursued a policy of principles and the whole nation has witnessed that when over we got the opportunity to serve the nation, we utilized all abilities in the better interest of the nation and to raise the living standards of the common man by providing basic amenities to the people.

Today when the progress of the country has been stopped and economic conditions of the country has been badly shattered, the common man believed that only a true leadership such as Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif can stable the economic conditions with his visionary approach. Malik Ahmed Khan rejected Imran Khan’s allegations about foreign conspiracy against his government. He said that he lost popularity and defeated in no-confidence motion due to his negative approach and distrust of his allies who have been realized the so-called political face of Imran Khan.

While discussing about the allegations of interference in by-elections, Malik Ahmed Khan said that these are baseless and false allegations. Government believes on fair and free elections.

That’s why we are providing all support to election commission of Pakistan for holding fair and transparent elections in all the constituencies. He announced that we would win all by-elections with the support of people.

He said that the people of Punjab have rejected the negative politics of PTI and they have seen the real face of PTI leadership, therefore, we would clean sweep in coming elections. Malik Ahmed Khan said that PTI leadership has also realized their failure and unpopularity among the people and on seeing clear defeat in the upcoming by-elections, they have launched negative propaganda against state institutions which is baseless and false. While replying a question about two assembly sessions at a time, he said that we have arranged assembly session at Awan-e-Iqbal for the better interest of the people as assembly secretary was not ready to allow us to present budget due to his personal grudge and presentation of budget was necessary for the development of the province.

He hoped that Pakistan will make progress under the leadership of Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.


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