PML-N, allies consult to save Punjab Assembly


The Pakistan Muslim League-N and allies held consultations to save Punjab Assembly from dissolution. Most of the PML-N MPAs and allies were of the opinion to bring the no-confedence motion against Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi in the assembly.

Some members have been of the opinion that the governor should ask the chiefminister to get the vote of confidence from the house.

The chief minister could not ask for immediate dissolution of the assembly in case of a bid for vote of no-confidence or the confidence vote in pending, according to sources.

“In case of a no-confidence motion, the chief minister would have to get 186 votes, while the ruling coalition have 190 members strength in the assemblywith 180 members of PTI and 10 PML-Q lawmakers,” sources said.

“The opposition is expected to begin political maneuvering after launching a no-confidence motion,” sources said. “ The PML-N and its allies will take a final decision over the no-confidence.”