PMA worrisome over rising corona deaths


Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) is very much concerned over the increasing number of coronavirus patients and rising death tool of the Covid-19 in Pakistan.
We are very disturbed, how would our hospitals mange the load of Covid patients in future. We have been observing the management flaws in our hospitals. The patients with corona positive are refused to be admitted even after having vacant beds and ventilators at hospitals. Death of Dr Furqanul Haq is a recent example of this mismanagement.
PMA has been receiving such complaints on daily basis in which patients are mistreated and misguided. We should learn lesson from the death of Dr. Furqan, so that no patient should suffer like him in future.
We will have to streamline the system of our corona designated hospitals and quarantine facilities all over Pakistan. There should be a centralized networking established between these health facilities. Ambulance services should also be included in the network, so that ambulance driver can take the patient to the required facility.
No patient should be refused. The government and hospital management are responsible for providing treatment to the patients. The doctors performing duties at emergencies should not misguide patients.
The Inquiry Committee has concluded that misjudgment on part of the medical officer at Civil Hospital was the cause of Dr Furqan’s death. In case of non availability of the bed or ventilator patient must be refer to some other hospital by the doctors on duty by approaching central network.
Government has announced relaxation in the lockdown from May 9. Business and shops have been allowed to open from morning till 5pm. Government has put responsibility over public to adopt preventive measures to remain safe from coronavirus, otherwise lockdown will be imposed again strictly.
After this announcement by the government, PMA requests the people of Pakistan to play their due role to stop spreading of coronavirus and adopt all the required preventive measures which PMA and other doctors have been stressing upon.
The preventive measures issued by PMA to avoid coronavirus are once again attached herewith.

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