PMA concerned over rapid increase of Covid-19 case



Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) said on Saturday that it was very much concerned over the rapid increase of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan.

“The positivity ratio has reached 6% in the country according to NCOC. PMA already warned that the cases will increase if SOPs are not followed and we regret to say that situation is worsening.

The positivity ratio has reached 20% in Karachi which is very alarming,” it said in a statement. The PMA says the worst of all is the presence of Delta Variant in the country.

“So far about 150 cases of this lethal variant have been detected in Karachi and 50 cases have been detected in Lahore.

It’s an Indian originated version of Coronavirus which caused a significant destruction in India and now days it is devastating Indonesia. Unfortunately this variant is more contiguous and causes more severe illness.

Its symptoms are bit light in the beginning, sore throat, body ache, low grade fever and flue like symptoms but suddenly patient feels respiratory intricacy and get serious.  ”

“We fear it could spread countrywide because people from Karachi and Lahore are going to other Cities and provinces of the country for upcoming Eid celebrations.

We are worried that if this bordering takes place it could be very dangerous like Indi. So we request government to Implement SOPs strictly to avoid any untoward situation in the country,” PMA said.

PMA request public also to follow SOPs because your negligence could be hazardous for the country.

The country is already facing the threat of fourth wave of the covid-19. “Be a responsible citizen and continuously take precautionary measures to keep yourself and others safe from the pandemic.

In these days and especially during Eid Holidays, do not shake hand or hug others. Wear mask whenever you go out. Always Keep social distancing. ”

PMA also advised people to get vaccinated immediately. Vaccine is the most protective shield against Covid-19. Do not listen or pay attention to misunderstandings and myths related to Covid-19 vaccine.

It is not harmful in any way. “The people who do not get them vaccinated could face the intricacy of the disease.

It has been observed that majority of the Corona Patients in hospitals are those who did not get vaccinated. Remember the sooner you get vaccinated the sooner we could defeat Corona,” the PMA concluded.

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