PM wins hearts


FULFILLING the promise made almost one year ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan won the hearts of millions of followers
of Sikh religion by formally opening the Kartarpur corridor on Saturday that will facilitate them to visit the final resting place of the founder of their faith. Thousands of Sikhs from different parts of the world including India attended the opening ceremony. How much cheerful and pleased were the Sikhs could be truly seen on their faces who had all the praise for PM Khan. The Prime Minister and his team, especially the FWO, really deserve appreciation for ensuring timely completion of the Corridor and renovation of Gurdwara Darbar Sahib by turning it into world’s biggest Gurdwara.
Coverage by both domestic and international media of the opening ceremony is a testimony of the fact that it was an event of international level. Definitely it will go a long way in promoting and projecting positive and peaceful image of Pakistan abroad. The four kilometre Corridor provides a visa free access to Sikh pilgrims to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib and definitely this will see thousands of Sikhs visiting their most revered place on a daily basis. Under the present government, Pakistan indeed has come at the threshold of truly promoting religious tourism. Keeping in view the inflow of Sikhs, it is important that other necessary infrastructure especially hotels and markets are developed in Kartarpur area to make the stay of Sikhs fully comfortable. As for now, the Sikhs coming from India using this Corridor will have to go back the same day but we understand that keeping in view their religious sentiments, they will be allowed to stay much longer there. But this facility can only be extended to them once sufficient accommodation facilities are available in the area. For this the government must encourage the private sector including the foreign investors to invest in the hotel industry. The next target for the government should be moving towards attracting the Buddhists whose religious sites are scattered all across our country, especially in/around Taxila. Apart from 140 million Sikhs, the population of Buddhism followers stands at around five hundred million. By attracting the millions of followers of both the religions, Pakistan immensely can take advantage not only in terms of promoting its peaceful and positive image but also accelerating economic activity.

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