PM wants to ‘cleanse’ Sindh bureaucracy, police of politics

Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said the centre will ensure police and bureaucracy in Sindh are ‘cleansed’ of politics.

The prime minister said this during a meeting with PTI Sindh leader Haleem Adil Sheikh, who was recently released from prison on bail.

The prime minister had called Sheikh for a meeting in Islamabad after he was released. Sheikh informed the prime minister about the situation of jails in Sindh.

“In Sindh, bureaucracy is also involved in politics,” the PTI leader told PM Imran Khan.

“We will cleanse the Sindh Police and bureaucracy of politics,” the prime minister was quoted by sources as saying.

Sheikh was released after bail was granted by the Sindh High Court in two cases. He had been ordered to submit two surety bonds of Rs0.2 million each.

On February 16, the PTI leader was arrested for allegedly bringing weapons to the by-elections in Karachi and for interfering with an operation against encroachments.