PM urged to keep commercial importers in final tax regime

Staff Reporter

Chairman Pakistan Chemical Dyes and Merchants Association (CDMA) M Mirza Nadeem Baig has appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Minister of State for Finance, Chairman FBR and other concerned authorities to keep commercial importers in the final tax regime.

Just as commercial importers were included in the final tax regime before the 2020 Finance Bill, this law should be reinstated and the MTR clause should be removed from commercial importers and included in the FTR.

He said that with this decision of the government many commercial importers have stopped their work and their economic situation is deteriorating.

He further said that at the time or import advance tax was deducted from commercial importers,  it was considered as final tax but in Finance Bill 2020, MTR law for commercial imports.

Has been implemented which is tantamount to economic murder of people associated with this sector.

He demanded that the FTR Act be reinstated so that commercial importers could do their business easily.

He said that in the annual budget, commercial importers should be included in the final tax regime and removed from MTR.

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