PM targeting ideological frontiers: Wahab


Spokesman for Sindh Government Barrister Murtaza Wahab, while reacting to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement regarding Sindh, said that someone should tell the Prime Minister of the country the historical fact that Sindh is the province which had first-ever passed the resolution favoring the creation of Pakistan.

Wahab added that the Prime Minister – rightfully called the auctioneer of the Kashmir cause- is now attacking the country’s geographical ideological frontiers.  He said that someone should let the Prime Minister know that Sindh is the province that contributes 70% of the revenue to the national exchequer. The Sindh Government Spokesman acknowledged that Khan was right in saying that Sindh could not belong to any usurper or selected ruler because the people of Sindh are democrats and will not allow anyone to impose decisions in their democratic affairs.

According to Imran Khan, Sindh does not belong to Imran Khan and it should not be because Sindh is Pakistan and Pakistan is Sindh.  Sindh, with its great civilization, glorious past, wonderful present, and bright future, is an integral part of Pakistan and a province of loyalists of the beloved homeland.

Murtaza Wahab maintained that now it has been proved that the Prime Minister has nothing to do not only with the people of Sindh but also with the people of the whole country because his statements show that Khan Sahib has no interest in the problems of the people of Sindh as well as of Pakistan.


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